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The club finished the season as the highest scoring club in the league. In the 1984–85 season the club played their first game in the Australian Football League in 1985.

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may 6, 2006

mickey goodall, santa cruz, ca, mink222@yahoo.com


hi, i don't know who put this site together but, i'm pleasantly surprised to run across it. around the year 1976 i was in a band named yellow rose that played at rocky raccoon's on 20th nw. one of rick stewart's other clubs. we used to regularly slip over to pw's between sets to mingle (stumble) and refuel. two names stand out immediately... earl warren (a bartender) and wayne "wayno" bassler who i think had been or was a bartender as well. it's a hazy period of my life but, i remember it was fun as hell. i also recognized some folks in the halloween photos. one is a guy named randy who worked at the palm. i used to come in with a friend named frank bassett and was famous for his alcohol consumption. he was a large guy. anyway, thanks for putting up the site. it's a fun time to remember.

p.s. i think that was jerry warren who was the bartender not earl warren who would have been too busy being chief justice.  i told you it was a hazy period.

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